Park Plaza East Pool Policies

Guest Entry / Food

Swimmers: entering as a guest must pay $5.00, 3 years or above.
No Exceptions

Non Swimmers $2.50 per entry.

However, if caught entering the water you will be asked to pay an additional $5.00

Parents are allowed to enter for child pickup at no charge.

Children 9 years and under MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 years and older at all times.

Children 10 years and over may enter without and adult unless there is a discipline issue. 

                                                          Concession Stand $

We operate a concession stand that includes pre-packaged snack foods. We offer ice Cream, Chips, Candy, Soda and Bottled Water


                                           No Food or Drinks are allowed in the Water

                    Outside food and drink are allowed, however GLASS is prohibited. 

No Foul Language

We understand that you have freedom of speech. However, we are a family establishment. We will not allow foul language anywhere on our property. You will be asked to refrain while at the pool. If an issue persists we will ask that you leave immediately. This conduct pertains to ALL who enters the pool.

No Sunflower or Shell Seeds

Please do NOT bring Sunflower or Shell Seeds into the pool area. They are damaging to the deck and our pumps.

Weight Limits

Our equipment is valuable and so are you. We have established a weight limit on our Slides and Diving Boards. (250 lbs) This is for your protection. Your safety is our primary concern. We ask that you please be honest and abide by our limit. If we feel that your judgement is creating a safety issue we will discuss your options in person. However, if the warning is not abided by, then we will ask you to leave the property without a refund. 

Swim Diapers

We require all children 3 years old and under to wear a swim diaper. We understand that many have been potty trained at this age. However, we are required by law to shut down the entire pool for the day if an accident occurs. Unfortunately the most likely occurrence is the age range 0-3 years while in the water. 

Please know that it is not our intention to embarrass these little ones or their families, only to allow your family to swim longer and allow for the most out of your day. 

If no swim diaper is used, you will be given a warning. If the issue is not resolved you will be asked to exit the pool. Then you will be asked to leave the property with no refund.
You have the option of bringing your own swim-able diaper or cloth diaper (designed for the water). We also offer different sizes in the office for $1.00

NO NORMAL DIAPERS ARE TO BE WORN (while in the water)

We thank you for your understanding. 

Adult Swim

Adult Swim

Adults are considered 16 and older. 

LARGE POOL  - Adult Swim times are everyday at 3:00pm and 30 min before close. Whistle will be blown to announce  the start of Swim.

Children 15 and under are allowed to sit on the side of the pool or on the stairs. They are NOT allowed in the large pool until whistle is blown. 

BABY POOL - Children may swim in this pool ages 6 and under. 

Food and Drink are NOT allowed in the water at any time. 

Concession stand is open during normal operating hours.

Discipline and No refund

Our goal is for Members and Guests to have a fun, safe and family friendly place to share with one another. We make every attempt to ensure the safety and excellent time of all who enter our facility. 

However, we understand that sometimes rules get broken. If a rule is broken you will be given a warning. If a 2nd response is required, you will be asked to sit out for 20 minutes. If a 3rd response is required you will be escorted to the office. If the behavior continues we will ask you to leave the property. 

Upon return to our property, you will be asked to please follow the rules. If rules are not followed, you will be suspended from the pool for 30 days. 

Adult returning: You will be given one chance. If rules are broken, you will be suspended from the pool for the rest of the season.

Child returning: A child must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or above when using our facilities. If rules are broken again, he/she will be asked to leave for the season. 

The office staff is available if you have any concerns. 

If you have any concerns of the staff, please contact the Supervising Manager (Stephanie Renfro).

If you are asked to leave the pool for any discipline reason, there will be no refund. 

Bad Weather Policy

The pool may close at any time due to weather or other concerns without warning. This can include: Extreme Heat, Rain, Storms, Cold and the pool not working correctly etc.

When a day is potentially producing bad weather, we put alerts out. After the alert goes out, you may enter at your own risk. No refund will be given. (We are an outdoor business and unfortunately can't control the weather.)

Our time frame for refunds due to closing at an unfortunate time is 60 min. 

If lightning is within 10 miles the pool, you must take shelter under the awnings, bathrooms, or hallway. You have the option to leave the property or stay until the storm clears or the pool is closed.

Note: No refunds will be given if the rain is slight. However, we will clear the pool out for excessive rain and storms. The pool can also be closed for temperatures variables.

Smoking / Vaping

No smoking or Vaping on the property. 
This includes 15 feet around the front door. 

We ask that if possible, use the smoke buckets we have provided on the North and West sidewalks for your used cigarettes.

This policy has been initiated due to the OK Dept of Health regulations and the heath and safety of our patrons.

Alcohol /Drugs /Bags Checked / No Glass

For the safety of our Members and Guests, we reserve the right to check any bag, cooler etc upon entry during your visit at the discretion of the Office Staff.

We do NOT allow any type of glass on our property. Beer bottles, bowls, pyrex containers, jugs etc. 

You are permitted to bring alcohol on the property in plastic or cans. However, we ask that you drink responsibly. If we feel you are intoxicated, we will ask you to leave the property (at the assistance of a designated driver). If you do not have a driver we will call a service at your cost. You will NOT be allowed to drive.

Under 21: We do NOT allow ANY type of alcohol on our property (this includes our parking lot). If we feel you are intoxicated and are a danger to the Members, Guests or yourself, we will ask you to leave the property. If there is no cooperation, the Police will be called.  

NO DRUGS ALLOWED! If you are caught with an illegal substance, the police will be called immediately.  

Season Pass / Partial Payments

Season Passes: Season Passes are for anyone. Please see the Season Pass page for detailed info.

Initial Passes can include up to 4 people. You may add another 4 people for an additional charge.

We will issue color coded cards. These cards will be given by age group. 


Children 9 years and under MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 years and older at all times. This is to ensure their safety at all times. As we have Lifeguards on duty at all times, an adult who knows the child is always a safer option.

Children 10 years and over may attend without and adult unless there is a dicipline issue. 

Cards need to be picked up the first visit to the pool starting opening day and then presented at the desk during each visit.

You will have 30 days from 1st payment to pay remaining balance. You will be given a white card. After the 30 days expire you will not be allowed entry to the pool area until full payment is accepted. Upon receipt you will be given a permanent color card.  (Office manager must approve any changes to the contract)

No Sagging / PDA

 We do NOT allow sagging of any kind. 
You will be asked to fix your issue at any time after entry to the property. If you choose not to comply you will be asked to leave the property. 

NO PDA. This is for the respect of all of our Members and Guests. Our pool is a family friendly pool and we reserve the right to ask you to discontinue the behavior. If the issue persists you will be asked to leave the property with no refund. 

(This may include Children, Teenagers, Adults and Married Couples)

PDA: Sexual language, sexual behavior, sexual body language, inappropriate touching and removing of clothing etc.

This includes hanging on backs or fronts with legs wrapped around. 

Guards guidelines

While we know it is entertaining to talk with our Lifeguards, we ask that you not speak to them (unless an emergency arises) while on duty for your safety and others.

1.    Standing or sitting next to the Lifeguards while they are on duty. 
2.    Standing next to the Lifeguard stands and talking while Lifeguard is on duty.
3.    Hanging on the shoulders while Lifeguard is on duty. 
4.    If a Lifeguard asks you to move on, take that as a 1st warning.
5.    If a Lifeguard asks you to obey a rule, it stands. No arguing. 
6.    Listen to ALL whistles. They have a meaning. 

Lifeguard responsibilities:
Maintain rules and order of the pool
Focus on Members and Guests while on property.
Instruction of Rules.
Enforcement of minor offenses. 
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Time out where appropriate.

3rd offense: Escort to the office.


Office Staff: 
3rd offense: Office personnel is requested. Parents of minors are called (enforcement will be discussed). Adults are asked to leave.
4th offense: Suspension for 30 days.

If child is under 18, a parent or guardian will be required upon re-entry the 1st time.

5th offense: Suspension for the summer. If allowed to re-enter the next season, one chance will be given before permanent suspension occurs. If asked to leave, no refund will be given. 


Horseplay is NOT permitted. Throwing someone, pushing someone underwater violently, playing Chicken (on someone's shoulders), stealing, body slamming etc. Determining what is considered horseplay is determined by pool staff.  

You will receive a warning whistle. Please pay attention to ALL instructions. 

Rules for Pool Games


Sharks and Minnows 

1)    No scratching, biting, hitting, pushing, eye gouging and kicking.
2)    No pulling on clothing or hair.
3)    No diving into/over people.
4)    No groping.
5)    No holding anyone under water.
6)    No pushing into bottom of pool or walls.
7)    No running more than 3 yards from the water. 
8)    Age appropriate groups only. (no 8 year olds with 19 year olds)

Pay attention to your surroundings!
Maximum number of people playing game 20
Maximum people in the deep end 20 


NO hanging on the net

NO making puddles with the hose

If you borrow the ball, please return it

Rinse off sand with outdoor shower before entering the pool

Water Basketball

6 on 6 or less (exception: during a private party)

NO hanging on the rim

No Slam Dunking

Be aware of other swimmers


ONLY 1 person at a time

Parents may assist any child 2 and under

Feet first


NO Sitting on the end of the slides

NO crossing in front of the slides (while people are sliding)

Wait your turn at the bottom of the stairs

No haging on stairs by the slide. 

Deep End 

No one in the water while Boards are open (except divers).

Boards open and close every 30 min to allow people to dive and play deep water games. The Deep End is the only location you are allowed to dive in. 

NO Pushing, Shoving or Holding anyone under the water. 

NO Hanging on the silver tube

NO hanging off the diving board

No one is allowed in the corners while diving is in progress


Bicycles, Skates and Skateboards

 If your child brings his/her bike to the property, we offer bike racks on the East side. However, we do NOT offer chains. We highly recommend each bike has its own lock to protect your property. We are NOT responsible for damages or stolen property. 

Skates of any kind are NOT allowed inside the property.  Also, our facilities are not large enough to store your property. If you arrived with skates on, you will only be allowed to carry them in the front door. They may either be kept with your belongings or in a locker.

We offer Lockers for $1.00 a day (or a summer rate) to safely store your possessions. 

Pool Closings


As it is our policy when entry is purchased to allow you a full day access to our facility; occasionally being an outdoor facility we might be forced to close at a moments notice. 

The pool may close at any time due to weather or other concerns without warning. This can include: Heat, Rain, Storms, Cold and the pool not working correctly etc.  

In case of inclement weather we clock your stay from the time you sign in. If there is a weather event and the pool closes suddenly we will evaluate your time in. If it has exceeded 60 min NO refund will be issued. If you are within the hour window a refund will be a the discretion of the Office Staff.

By entering the pool area when clouds are present, and the forecast calls for storms, please be are aware of our “Bad Weather Alerts.”

Note: No refunds will be given if the rain is slight. However, we will clear the pool out for excessive rain and storms. Also, if the temperature is under 75 degrees F or at or above 104 degrees F the pool will remain closed.  (This policy is due to having no air conditioning on the property. When temperatures go above 104 degrees the deck radiates by 10 degrees. Because of this effect our staff have no place to cool down and have an accelerated risk of heat stroke. We thank you for your understanding.)

Pool closing for Poop: If someone has a bowel movement in the pool, we will clear everyone out of the water and vacuum. It requires 30 minutes from time of chemical shock to re-open the pool. We will announce when it is safe. (notify staff immediately if you see or smell an issue)

Pool Closing for Temperature or other issues: If the temperature is below 75 degrees the pool will remain closed. Occasionally there maybe other issues that require the pool to be shut down for an amount of time. Our goal is to post a notification on the front door and on the FB page. Please note we are human and occasionally can't make that happen. If not and the door is locked, please look on our FB page or call us at 918-622-7178 to leave a message or use our Contact page. Thank you.

If you desire a refund and you were in the pool area for less than 1 hour we will offer a rain check or a refund at the discretion of the office staff.

Pool closing for Vomit: You will be asked to clear out of the water. We will then announce our pool will be closing for the remainder of the day. Because of Oklahoma Law, we are unable to remain open. We are required to put chemicals in the pool to keep the pool clean. We would like to encourage everyone to be careful after eating. If a person becomes choked on water, they become more prone to vomiting. If this occurs our guests will no longer be able to enjoy the rest of the day at the pool. Upon closing for the rest of the day, a rain check will be given if you have been in the pool for 60 min (1 hr) or less. Please see office staff for details.

Lost or Stolen Property (Locker Rentals)

We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen property. If your item has been found, you may obtain it from the office. You will be asked for a description. This includes cell phones. Please stay with your phone while it is charging. It is easy for someone to walk off with it,
We provide a few charging ports in the Gazebo.

It is recommended to bring an external charger for your convenience and safety. 

We offer Lockers for $1.00 a day.

We highly recommend your belongings be secured. 

Concession Cards

Our concession stand is open during normal business hours. We highly recommend purchasing a concession card. We understand that carrying cash can be an inconvenience.  It is also easy to lose and hard to find when lost. Our goal is to offer an alternative. 

Our concession cards are only $20.00. It can be used for any of our products at any time of the season. For safety, we retain the card in the office. You are free to use any amount that remains on the card. Also, you may put restrictions on the card for your children.

Any remaining balance that is left on the card at the end of the season, will NOT be available to use it the next season. (all cards are valid only during year of purchase)


Slide Rules

ONLY 1 person at a time

NO Hanging on the end of either slide

NO Hanging out under the slides

Parents may assist any child 2 and under

Feet first only


NO Sitting on the end of the slides

NO Crossing in front of the slides (while people are sliding)

Wait your turn at the bottom of the stairs

No hanging on stairs by the slide. 

Weight Limit 250 lbs

Diving Board / Deep End Rules

Diving Board

One at a time on each board

Short Board - You must wait on the ground for your turn

Wait to jump until the last jumper makes it to the wall

Must jump straight off and NOT at an angle

A parent may be in the water to catch their child

You MUST swim to the closest wall (NOT across the other lane)

Goggle may be worn

Floaties may be worn (FOAM ONLY)

NO Horseplay (Only 1 bounce)

Weight Limit 250 lbs

Tall Board - You must wait either on the ground or the 1st step

Must jump straight off the front of the board and NOT at an angle

A parent may be in the water to catch a child

NO Goggles (this can cause serious harm)

NO Flotation devices of any kind

NO Horseplay (Only 1 bounce)

NO Hanging on the rails

Must swim to the closest wall and NOT across the lane

NO hanging on the stairs

Weight Limit 250 lbs


There is NO Running on any of the concrete surfaces! This has the potential to cause serious harm.

Staff WILL enforce this rule. Please instruct children to obey this rule.

If patrons are asked to obey this rule and choose to not follow the rules, they will be sat out for 20 min. Please see Guards section for further details.

Staff Area

The Staff Area is located just west of the office. This area is set aside for our Staff and designated personnel. This allows our staff to take a break with some privacy. If there is an emergency please feel free to tell a staff member. 

No Sitting / Hanging

Please NO sitting on the tables.

NO hanging on any poles, structures, fences or buildings. This will damage our property and could potentially cause serious harm. 

Dress Code


No street clothes can be worn. Example: Jeans or jean shorts, collared shirts, tennis shoes, socks, regular diapers, thongs, or speedo (male).

Bathing suits that reveal personal areas may be subject to a discussion by the staff.

Sagging is NOT allowed. It is described as Male or Female bottoms that expose underwear or more. Neither mild or extreme will be tolerated.