How we handle payments

Season Pass information

Our Season Passes are electronic at this time. We can help with this process in any way if you need. Just use the contact page and leave your phone number for contact. 

We use PayPal as our payment processor. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to make a payment. 

Guests  -  Everyone  is  welcome!   

Swimmers  - $5.00 3  yrs  and  above.

Non-Swimmers  -  $2.50    $5.00 at the door and a $2.50 refund with an uncut band at end of day

Swimmer  Military  /  Senior    $4.00

Non  Swimmer  Military  /  Senior  $2.00 at the door and a $3.00 refund with an uncut band at end of day

Non-Swimmer Wristbands - Every Non-Swimmer will receive a wristband. You must wear this at all times while in the pool area. You may come to the office after your visit for a partial refund. Unfortunately, due to patrons abusing the trust of paying for a discount price and then swimming, we HAD change our existing policy. We are a Non-Profit facility and still have bills to allow this facility to stay open for everyone to enjoy. We thank you for your understanding. 

Early Bird Information

As a service to our customers and to help ease the financial burden, Early Bird payments may be spread across January - May 3, or may be paid as a lump sum. To qualify for the Early Bird discount all payments must be received by May 3rd. 

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Family Passes

The basic family Season Pass covers four family members. Up to four additional persons can be added at $25.50 per person. Entry cards are issued specifically to each member, by name, and may not be shared. Click here

Installment Payments 

From January to may 3rd we offer a discount to help families save a little money. However, after May 3rd this discount goes away. After May 3rd we offer installment payments (half of the original payment) that must be paid one month after purchase. Temporary (white) cards will be given with a date of 1 month after purchase. If payment is not received at the end of the month, you will not be permitted to enter without paying the guest fee or the remainder of your Pass fee. 

Color cards will be provided after purchase is complete.

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We accept Credit Cards and Cash at Location